Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Lucky Charms (Rubbertown-Sound)

Rubbertown Sound 101 - side 1
21847 – I Want A Love Of My Own
(B. Vincent, ASCAP)

Rubbertown Sound 101 - side 2
21848 - Bad Loving
(M.White, B. Vincent, J. Barkett, P. Broner, ASCAP)

Steel Records
101 W. Federal St.
Yougstown, Ohio

Funky Soul



  1. Hello, this is a incredible. I am one of the original members of The Lucky Charms and would like more info on the source of this post and could also give more info. Please email me at Thank you very much,
    Mery White

  2. Grand Mah, if you have more info please add a comment here. Can't reach you isn't an email address!

    (the source was an eBay auction two years ago)