Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Evangelist R.A. West : Jesus Worked A Miracle For Me

Evangelist R.A. West
Jesus Worked A Miracle For Me
Label : Jay-Boy

Side one [ #33705 ]
Jesus Worked A Miracle For Me
I'm Proud to be a Christian
When I've Gone the Last Mile of the Way
He Is The Beginning and Ending of Time
King Jesus (Send an Angel By My Way)
Side two [ # 33706 ]
He Knows Exactly What I need
I Am to Blame
Because He Lives
He's the Good Shepherd
Time Is Winding Up

R.A. West
March 12, 1947 - July 6, 2002

R.A. West Revivals and Ministries began in 1969. Brother and Sister West and Jason (Jay-Boy), their son, worked with others in small local churches and prayer groups around the Varney, West Virginia area. Brother West worked at that time as a fireman/engineer for the Norfolk and Western Railway Company until the early 70’s when he resigned to follow his calling from the Lord...

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R.A. West preaching

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  1. Bro West was a one of a kind preacher, I would much rather be told what will keep me out of hell than be told a lie and die and go to hell. What I would give to be able to hear him preach again. Not because of him so much but because of who he preached about. He preached the truth. He loved people enough to tell you the truth. I sure do miss it