Monday, September 7, 2009

Guy Davidson on Shadow

Guy Davidson


37265 - West Virginia Truck Stop Woman
37266 - The Green Of West Virginia


Acc by Jimmy Nixon, Bryan Adams, Jack Willis, Harold Sheffield, Stan Bowman.
Recorded Joe Morrell Recording Studios, Bristol, Tennessee.

Joe Morrell (1934 - 2006) was a native of Bristol. He was a musician, playing professionally as a young man with country music bands in New England and locally with Curly King on the WCYB "Farm and Fun Time" radio program in the 1950s. He sometimes performed using the stage name 'Herbie Hootenauger'.

In 1960 he founded the Joe Morrell Music Store in Bristol, and later organized the Joe Morrell Music Distributing Co. which supplies music products to retailers throughout the U.S.

Grand Guitar Museum

In the 1980s Joe designed and built the landmark “Grand Guitar” just off Interstate 81’s exit 74A in Bristol. The Grand Guitar, 70 feet long and three stories tall, currently houses a country music museum. In 1989 Morrell purchased radio station WOPI, the oldest station between Knoxville, Tenn. and Roanoke, Va., which he re-located to the Grand Guitar building.

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