Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Carl Dean: " Up To Date Country Music "

" Up To Date Country Music "

Side one [32719]
1-Bobbie Mcgee
3-Bad,Bad Leroy Brown
4-Big Blue Diamond
5-Yum Yum
6-Little Queeny
Side two [32720]
1-Someday We'll Look Back
2-Knock 3 Times
3-Lovin' On Back Streets
4-Tossin' & Turnin'
5-Milwaukee Here I Come
6-Country Road
Carl Dean (real name Carl Dean Hoppe) learned to play guitar from his father at a very early age but preferred the piano. In the late fifties he performed several shows with Jerry Lee Lewis.

In the early sixties the Donna and Russell label (#508 in the Atlanta, Georgia NRC custom series) paired two Carl Dean self-penned songs : "Wait Till The Sun Comes Down" and "I'll Pack My Things And Go".



  1. I played music in the mid 60's with
    Carl Dean Hoppe- We were Carl Dean
    and the Madcats. We played Rockabilly in Clubs around Baton Rouge and around Southern Illinois.

    Is this the Same One?
    Our Bass Player was Ernie Gomez.
    Before I joined the Band, he made a record called "Fannie Brown"

  2. This is my grandpa. Donna is my mother and that is her father. He still lives in Southern Illinois with his wife. He was recently diagnosed on 8/2/2010 with stage IV lung cancer that has spread to his brain, liver, adernal glands and gallbladder. My family is having a benefit dinner and dance for him on Sept.11 2010 at The American Legion in Murphysboro,IL from 5pm to Midnight. Yes, sir OldNamVet this is who you played with in the 60's. I've been trying to contact all his old band members and Jerry Lee as well.
    Sincerely, Crystal

  3. I love and miss you uncle Carl Dean and aunt Margi. i loved the visit last year and have some really good pictures. i hope to see you guys soon. you are all in my prayers. miss you donna and russell too. oooxx
    Love, Kelly

  4. I realize it's now been four years since the above comments were posted and the we have now lost Carl, but this is the first website I was directed to after a Google search of Carl Dean Hoppe. Carl was a family friend and I was introduced to Carl and came to know him fairly well when he would visit my dad's gas station in Murphysboro. I am a historian and teacher with several published local history articles, and I am very interested in writing a biography of Carl Dean and am looking for some resources. I remember Carl's stories about his exploits and playing with some of rock 'n' roll's early greats that I would love to share. If anyone, especially family members, could please contact me I would be greatly appreciative. My email address is michaelctow AT hotmail DOT com. Thank you very much.