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Little Miss Darlene (Star-Light)

Little Miss Darlene
(America's Sweetheart)

CP-2301 - Huddle Me, Cuddle Me
CP-2302 - Daddy-O

Star-Light 83151
both wr. Casteel-Clarida, Eagle Pass Pub. Sesac
  full names : Esther Casteel and Orville Clarida
(Copyright: July, 20 and August, 3)

Little Miss Darlene is the daughter of Esther Casteel.  She performed at early age in the early fifties on many programs from Los Angeles to Portland and recorded for the Western Ranch Music Record label which was owned by her mother.  She was known then as Baby Darlene.

Esther Casteel was a three-quarter Sioux Indian adopted at an early age and reared by an English father and an Irish mother who had migrated to her native mid-west state.  In 1940, she moved to California where she designed her own recording label - Western Ranch Music - in 1952 at Thornton.

Orville Clarida(1910-1990) C&W singer and sonwriter from Texas  Orville Clarida was a member of the Florida County Music Hall of Fame in 1972. He wrote and recorded "Mother's Understanding Heart"; "Along the Rio Grande"; "The Smile on Your Face"; "Divided"; "Angel Queen."

Eagle Pass Pub. SESAC was started in 1956 by Dallas Eugene Turner in Hollywood.

Dallas Eugene Turner (1927-2014)  aka Oregon's Favorite Yodeling Cowboy, The Roving Ranger, Yodeling Slim Dallas and Cowboy Dallas Turner. 

Dallas Turner, a native of Yakima, Washington  was considered the Pacific Northwest's most popular yodeling cowboy.   His colorful life was enhanced by his frienship with his idol, Mexican border radio's Cowboy Slim Rinehart (1911-1948). who put the young cowboy on Mexican border radio where he worked for over thirty years, learning the art of bilking listeners with worthless elixirs between yodel songs.   According to Dallas Turner :
 There were only three things that would sell on the border (radio) and that was health, sex and religion. We had the Happy Relief Toenail Adjuster - there wasn't any demand for anything like that. How many people have an ingrown toenail? Very, very few. But if a man is impotent, he will pay any price to find something that will work. Or if it's religion, (they want) peace or success. And everybody wants good health. But you've got to get something that really is different. If it's something that they can go into an ordinary store and buy, they won't buy it from ya.


Label picture and audio clip are from this ebay auction

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  1. Esther Casteel was my grandmother. I would be interested in any other info or records you may have. Thanks.