Friday, March 27, 2015

Billy Bownds on Vamalco

Billy Bownds
and Gil Baca Orch.

CP-6439 - I Got A New Babe
CP-6440 - You’ll Cry A Little Bit
both wr. Billy Bownds
Moss-Rose Pub., Vamalco Pub. BMI
produced by GC & JHM

Vamalco V-507
1506 Truxillo, Houston, Texas

GC, one of the producers, is possibly Gene Crawford, star of "Gold Coast Jubilee," which was beamed each Sunday over KTRK-TV, Houston.  Billy Bownds recorded for at least two other Houston diskeries, namely Ark Records and Bow and Arrow Records. 

The name Baca for more than a century has been a part of Texas history along with the famous “Baca Beat.”    Gil Baca was the third generation Czech musician.  He began his musical career at age 9.   Gil began playing the piano at the age of fourteen and Kermit his brother was nine when he started playing the drums.   In 1949 Gil and Kermit went on tour with Tennessee Ernie Ford and then went on to join Hank Thompson’s group that toured the USA and Canada.  In 1952 Kermit was drafted into the U.S. Army where he formed his own band while stationed in Alaska for two years.   Gil appeared on the Kate Smith Show and other top TV shows.   Later Gil and Kermit formed their own band. The played at various Houston clubs and made appearances on Channels 11 and 13.   Initially, they played popular tunes but that changed when Ray Baca, their father,  joined them.   They added polkas and waltzes to their repertoire. They recorded the famous Baca Waltz and Gil’s Polka.  In 1967, they cut an LP featuring Ray Baca on the dulcimer. 


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