Thursday, March 5, 2015

Buddy Paul on Murco

Buddy Paul

CP-3275 ~ This Old Town  (Is Such A Lonely Place) 
(Dick Martin, Cajun Pub. Co. (BMI)

CP-3276 ~ Foolish Me 
 (W.B. Sepaugh, Bla-Mar Music (BMI)

Murco 1018

Buddy Paul

CP-4136 - Trust Me 
(Dick Martin,Ca-Se-Mar (BMI)  Bayou State (BMI)

CP-4135 - They Stuck To Their Guns
W.B. Sepaugh, Jr., Ca-Se-Mar (BMI) Bayou State (BMI)

Murco 1022

Buddy Paul's real name was Buddy Sepaugh.  He previously recorded for Mira Smith's Ram Records as Endom Spires in 1957 and, as member of The Four B's, for D Records in 1958.  [1]
Buddy Paul co-produced with Mira  Smith her “Country Store Party” show to tie up with the records released by her artists on Ram Records.   The show was presented on Thursday night from The Venus Theatre, a 650 seat venue, located at 2426 Lakeshore Drive. The show was also performed at the Courtyard Theater Bldg located at 2400 Lakeshore Drive.   He was also c&w disc jockey and commercial manager at KCIJ, Shreveport,

[1]  The Four B's were a vocal group who worked on the Louisiana Hayride for four years from 1955.  All their first names began with B.  Brad Ingles was originally from Ohio but had been stationed in Louisiana.  Buddy Sepaugh was from Shreveport, Bob Mc Gee was from Longview, Texas and Ben Nordine was from Shreveport.  They had worked with Johnny Horton on his SESAC Repertory album and sang back-up on several Ram singles.  Their record on D  was their only single under their own name. (source : Colin Escott)

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