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Proclaimers of Liberty

The Proclaimers of Liberty

Jesus Broke The Yoke

Side 1: By the Anointing - Medley / He / I'm Singing Wonderful / Jesus Use Me / English - Ilocano - Medley / I Want More of Jesus
[ 35197 ]

Side 2: Born to Serve the Lord / I've Got That Old Time Singing - Medley / He Paid the Debt / Who Am I / Dancing Heart
[ 35198 ]
year : 1975

On the cover, L. to R. : 
Carlton Shaw, Mrs Veronica Shaw,
Pacita Rosendo, Rev. Robert C. Rosendo

For additional records, write :
Rev. Robert C. Rosendo
P.O. Box 208 Duluth, Minnesota
or P.O. Box 205 San Jacinto, California

From an old ebay listing, which had a sample, which I preserved.

Robert C. Rosendo, a member of the Igorots, a tribu of former headhunters far north of the Tasadays, a peace-loving tribe which was discovered years ago but still living in the Stone Age, is the founder and director of the International Christian Chuch of the Philippines, Inc.   The Reverend resided in Simi Valley, Calif  in the late 70s.  

In 1948, when Rosendo was nine years old, he met a GI who later returned to the tribe to convert members to Christianity.  "Becoming a headhunter was proof of manhood," he explained.  " Skulls were objects of worship.  Houses were decorated with them to ward off evil spirits."It took three years to change the village completely," he said, "and you would never know that the people here were ever savage." 

A miracle only God can do. 

Even more obscure is another LP, also pressed by Rite Records, as by The Proclaimers/ Robert Rosendo And Veronica Shaw. The title : "Bu Tje Ampotomg Kesis Breals Tje Uple".

More info and another miracle are needed. God? Anyone?

Decapitated enemy of an Igorot head hunter

What is a Igorot ?  Answer HERE

And what about headhunting the Philippine Cordilleras ? Answer HERE

Of lesser interest is the article "Critique Of Imperial Cultural Studies And The Task Of Indigenization In The Philippines" by E. San Juan, Jr., Fellow, Harry Ransom Center, University Of Texas, Austin, USA which contains plenty of five (or more) syllabs words    link

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