Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mary Kaye on Lectron

Mary Kaye

13901 - Secret Thoughts 
B.Jesmore - R.Oness, Active Music ASCAP
Popular teen style
note : unbilled guest appearance by Sammy Marshall

13902 - Actions Speak (Louder than words)
Henry J. Sommers Henry J. Sommers ASCAP
Popular teen style


Detroit, Michigan
 - -
Actions Speak (Louder than words)

Song-poem record.    "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" is from the pen of the indefatigable Henry J. Sommers (1907-1996).  The earliest mention of his song is from 1942, date of the copyright (song and melody credited to Noel Davison Bear).   The last mention I've found is from a Billboard ad from April 1972.  The song was recorded by several artists throughout the years.

Yes, this is the Love Song the Public clamors for! Being nationally featured thru Radio broadcats and in places of diversion!  Complimentary copies available.  Sheet music and orchestrations on sale at your music jobber, or direct from the publisher. Care Bushell 786 Jefferson Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. Billboard, 19 June 1943

"Actions" on Metro Records #8009
Sommers address is now Hyattsville, Maryland
Billboard 16 January 1954

"Actions" just recorded by Earl Stuart on Blue Hen Records
Sommers address is now Silver Spring, MD
Billboard 22 December 1958

 "Actions" on Songs by Sommers as done by Wade Holmes
Billboard 24 August 1963

That can write with a pen
And I'll bet you then,
Backed by a 'ten',
'Tis not a hen
But a gem!
HENry J. Sommers

Billboard, 6 November 1965

Billboard, 22 April 1972

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