Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Firesiders on Sterling

The Firesiders
9881 ~  Spring
9882 Jump And Twist
Sterling Records #268

Two instrumentals
Quite surprising but, yes,  this is on the same song-poem Sterling label owned by music veteran Lew Tobin in Boston, Mass.

Lew Tobin had operated Five Star Music Masters since the early forties and  Sterling Records since 1954.  The earliest record on Sterling I was able to find is #103,   "His Final Address" sung by Roy Jones with Lew Tobin's orchestra.  "This tribute to Hank Williams is both late and unimpressive" simply wrote the Billboard reviewer (Billboard, February 27, 1954).  Hank Williams, incidentally also recorded on Sterling Records, obviously a different label (out of New-York).
Lew Tobin and Sterling Records were still active as late as 2002 : that year, in September, they recorded "America's Song" a poem written by Blanche Shipley (1914-2002), a retired teacher, who pieced and tied many quilts after her retirement. 


  1. also a Sterling (OH) label Bill Reese Quintet & The Coronets Sterling 903 Don't Deprive Me / The Little Boy (1955) Sterling Park-Lang Hotel 3219 Cedar Avenue Cleaveland Ohio on label RCA press doo-wop

  2. Is this the same Firesiders aka Vel-tones who recorded on Swan (PA) 45 - 4074 in 1961?