Monday, August 5, 2013

Frenchy And The Underground Railroad

Frenchy And The Underground Railroad

26941 - We're Lonely /(Frenchy, ASCAP)

26942 - Trip (Real Carpentier, ASCAP)

Sterling 518



At the time of the recording, the personnel (13-14 years old, except Frenchy, eight years older) of the group consisted of Frenchy (Yves Carpentier) on vocals, Real Carpentier on vocals and bass, Gene Daigle on vocals and guitar, Bob Fissette on guitar, Rob St. George on drums, and Dave LaCasse on vocals and percussion. The band was managed by Ron Bachand and Alfred Brissette.  
The band story is told by Mr. Bellino in his latest post (at Rip It Up R.I.)  a blog celebrating the glory of rock and roll and garage bands from the state of Rhode Island in the 1960s.

If confirmation was needed, this is a proof that Lew Tobin's Sterling Records wasn't just a song-poem operation,   If the bulk of the label ouput was amateur poems put in music by Lew Tobin and "sung" by Norm Burns, Gary Roberts, Mel Moore and al. ,  occasionally local bands were recorded. 


Real Carpentier today

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