Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Danny Reeves on L.G. Gregg

Danny Reeves

9495 - Little Red Coat 
L.G. Gregg and Danny Reeves, L.G. Gregg Music Pub. Co. BM

9496 - Judgement Day

L.G. Gregg Records #1001/2
8414 Fulton, Houston, Texas


This is certainly the same Danny Reeves who had recorded two rockin' singles.  The first was on Pappy Dailey's D Records ("I'm A Hobo", 1961). The second was on Troy Caldwell's San Records ("Spunky Monkey", 1962). Both are listed by Rockin' Country Style discography.  
On this one, Danny isn't really singing, he's just speaking on a music background.  Nothing more is known about him.  

L.G. Gregg is perhaps L.G. Gregg who was the founder and pastor of the Pilgrim Baptist Church of Houston.   And, more recently, a L. G. Gregg Ministries Company was based in Mesa, Arizona.

At the address printed on the label, there is no house today, just a empty lot.

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