Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tom Dooley on Dana

Tom Dooley

    18295 - Have A Happy, Happy Time (Dooley, Oakley Music BMI)

18296 - Bring It On Home (Sam Cooke, Kags Music BMI)

Dana 001


 Prod. by Cincinnati Good Guy production

Note :also issued on Hickory 1446; blue eyed soul; b-side is Sam Cooke cover

"Tom" Dooley was born George Patrick Dooley, Jr. January 18, 1947 in Chicago, IL to George and Rebecca Dooley, and he had an older sister, Patricia.   Tom’s father ran a strip club. It was the destination for all of the family’s social events including Tom’s christening. Tom’s father was physically abusive to his wife and family, and when Tom’s mother finally fled to Cairo, IL, with at least one tooth knocked out, she opened her own strip club. Tom was frequently sent to live with other families, some related and some not. But when he was home, he was often left to fend for himself in the clubs, behind the bar, surrounded by topless women and drunks.

Tom Dooley,  was heard on WSAI-AM (1360) from the mid to late 1960s when it was a powerhouse rock ‘n’ roll station in the 1960s.

He worked for many top rock stations, and had a regional hit with his band, Tom Dooley and the Lovelights. He was on WAKY-AM in Louisville, WFIL-AM in Philadelphia and KHJ-AM in Los Angeles.  For about 20 years, he hosted two-hour Christian music and inspirational show called “The Journey” that originated at Dallas Christian station KVTT, and was picked up by stations around the country.

Tom Dooley died in 2010 in Texas.

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