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Arthelene Rippy

 Arthelene Rippy

It's A New Life

New Life Records

Evangelist & Mrs F. Don Rippy,
1100 South 14th, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Rite # 12419/20

Accompanying Arthelene Rippy :

Dawn Crabtree, John R. Garrison, Sharon McClure, Kaye Middlebrook, Harold Brown, Juanita Debusk

Side 1 : It's A New Life / It's Not The First Mile / Man Of Galilee / I Believe / In The Garden / Oh How I Love Jesus

Side 2 : How Big Is God? / Wasted Years / When Jesus Forgives, He Forgets / Jesus, Lover Of My Soul / He Giveth More Grace / The Great Judgment Morning


An exhilarating existence

Arthelene Rippy's background of being a minister's daughter as well as her present status as a minister's wife, gives to her a wealth of experience in the realm of Gospel songs.  On this album,  Arthelene shares with you her own exhilarating existence in Christian living in the exciting theme song of "It's a new life!"  Her conception of God shines through in the challenging cry of "How Big is God?"  Suddenly, you are taken into His presence by such old favorites as "In the Garden".

A woman under constant influence

Since childhood, Arthelene Rippy has been under the constant influence of the Gospel. 
Dr. B. Owen Oslin,Pastor, Evangel Temple, Fort Smith

Arthelene Rippy's father was Rev. R.A. McClure. She divorced Don Rippy in November 1975.   Rev. Don Rippy was found dead in his apartment in St. Petersburg, Florida in September 1977.

Arthelene Rippy has been with CTN (Christian Television Network) since it began in 1978. Tragic events in her life left her to raise her family alone, but God used this tragedy for His glory through "Solo Act,"  Arthelene's first CTN program that inspired millions of other struggling single mothers. In 1995 Arthelene shifted gears to address the needs of the entire family with her nationwide program, "Homekeeper's"

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