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Live At The Zodiac (Various Artists)


( Various Artists)
Live At The Zodiac

Rite 29981/2

August 1972

Side 1 :

Royal American Showmen: Dance To The Music
Mississippi Rain: That’s Why I Sing The Blues
Katmandu: Mississippi Queen
Strawbridge: Run Run Run
Union Jack: No One To Depend On

Side 2 :

Mace: Revival
Everybody’s Pillow: Don’t Eat The Children
Sweet Fever: Your Love Took Me By Surprise
Age Of Aquarius: Slippin’ Into Darkness
Papa Joe’s Traveling Show: Miami
Bacchus: Where Are You Going

Produced by Gerrald Stephenson with contributions of Frasco Entertainement Agency (Jackson, Mississippi), WRBC, Band Aid Entertainement (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), Malaco Records (Jackson, Mississippi)

Malaco started as a partnership between two brothers-in-law Mitch Malouf and Tommy Couch as a company focused on booking musical acts.  Somewhere along the way Gerald "Wolf" Stephenson bought out Mitch.  They evolved into a recording studio when Wolf came on board.  Wolf owned the Zodiac Club  in Mart 51, a shopping center on Terry Road in Jackson.  He had just remodeled the club and had started bringing in bands to play every night.

In 1967, Malaco opened a recording studio in a building that remains the home of Malaco. Experimenting with local songwriters and artists, the company began producing master recordings. Malaco needed to license their early recordings with established labels for national distribution. Between 1968 and 1970, Capitol Records released six singles and a Grammy Award-nominated album by Mississippi Fred McDowell.  Revenue from record releases was minimal, however, and Malaco survived doing jingles, booking bands, promoting concerts, and renting the studio for custom projects.

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Note : last link has separate audio files for each track. I've gathered the eleven tracks HERE for your convenience.

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