Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mike Mitchell and the Play Boys on Bango

Mike Mitchell and the Play Boys

8859 - Josephine   (Vocal Ernie Greene)
Gus. Kahn and Wayne King, Leo Feist Pub. ASCAP
8860 - Playboy Boogie Twist (instrumental)   sample
E.C. Mitchell, Blair's Music BMI

Bango 502


1906 Clements Street
Detroit 38, Mich.

Not much is known about the owners of Bango Records, Clarence .L. Blair and Rose E. Blair.    They had certainly some kind of Philadelphia connection as several acts issued on their other label, Fine Arts, were from the City of Brotherly Love.

Mr Blair was probably born around 1900 : "I've Got The Blues To-Day" is one of the first song copyrighted by Clarence Blair (1923, Detroit).

Here I Go, Where the Morning Glories Grow", another of his composition, was copyrighted in 1938 (his address is then Philadelphia).   "Here I Go" was recorded in 1950 on Gotham Records, a Philadelphia label, by Roland Burton, a former Lionel Hampton balladeer.     The copyright for this song was renewed in 1952 with the name of Rose Blair then added.

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