Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bob Tyree on Monza


Bob Tyree
22151 ~ Honky Tonk  Man
22152 ~ Momma Don't Allow
10435 Val Tierra S.W., 
Albuquerque, NM

Nothing found on the internet about Bob Tyree, unless that he is/was THIS Robert Tyree, country singer,  who ran off with his  2 years old daughter, named Dodie Tyree.  There were rumors that he killed her and buried her in the desert.


  1. An insane version of "Mama Don't Allow." Wonder if "Honky Tonk Man" was the Johnny Horton hit?

  2. With all the things Momma don't allow, How did she really expect him to stay? He would need to be like being dominated. Nice bopper Cheers

  3. I'm Bob Tyree's Daughter I can assure you Dodi is alive And if you can find anymore recordings of his I'd sure appreciate it .. Tina Marie Tyree