Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Epics on Lifetime

The Epics
CP-3349 ~ Let's Dance

CP-3350 ~ Lonely
Lifetime 1004
black vocal group

Billboard review, October 31, 1960

Lifetime Recordings was founded in 1952 by Lester W. Osband (1913-2009).  As a local custom recording company, Lifetime recorded various Rochester High School bands, church choirs, etc. before launching his own Lifetime label in 1959 The initial release was by The Capris, a black vocal group, now a rare item.

Lifetime records pressed by Rite Records are listed HERE.


  1. I can't help to think this is actually a white doowop group,either way....great tempo/harmony on this piece.... thanks for sharing

  2. No It's a black group, My uncle Wade Davis sr.was in this group.

    1. Wow.....very cool he still alive? have any pictures of the group?