Saturday, September 1, 2012

Calico on Gateway


Vincent Sadovsky : Vocals, Banjo, Six And Twelve String Guitars
Karen Sadovsky : Vocals, Six String Guitar

Gateway Records

This Side (40525)

East Street Getaway (Vincent Sadovsky)
Muddy Boggy Banjo Man (R.Hubbard)
Love Is Live A Butterfly (Dolly Parton)
Valley Of Live (Vincent Sadovsky)
Juggernaut (Vincent Sadovsky)
Some Of Shelly’s Blues (Michael Nesmith)

That Side (40526)

Embryonic Journey (Jorma Kaukonen)
I’ll Walk Along (Vincent Sadovsky)
Second Story Window (Mark Benno)
Them Dance Hall Girls (A. Fraser)
Nashville Skyline Rag (Bob Dylan)
So Many Goodbyes Vincent Sadovsky)

Recorded in Rite Record Productions Studio
Recording Engineer : Phil Burkhartd
Producer : Danny Burton

From MySpace

Vincent Sadovsky is no stranger to the music industry. In 1973 he opened an acoustic music store in Rochester, Michigan which he and his wife operated for over 30 years.

He has taught guitar, banjo, mountain dulcimer, and autoharp since 1970, and has become one of the most sought after instructor’s in Michigan for composition and technical ability for guitar and 5-string banjo. He currently teaches Guitar and 5-string Banjo at his teaching studio: Rochester Folk Workshop.

Over the year’s, Vincent has appeared on television and radio broadcasts. His performing has taken him from coffeehouses to festivals, to performing for dignitaries including former President, George Bush Sr. His expertise allowed him to become an "Artist In Residence" for the Michigan Council for the Arts. His passion for acoustic music led him to found and establish the Paint Creek Fokllore Society, a nationally known society of acoustic musicians which as been active since 1973. Vincent’s playing has appeared on radio and television commericals, documentary films, and as a studio musician on various recordings.


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