Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Ten-Of-Us" on Wil-Met


14983 - Wild Yellow Flowers
T.L. Butler W.T. Curtis Rite Music BMI

14984 - Sally, Oh!
T.L. Butler Rite Music BMI
5-57X9 AMP

Dayton, Ohio


Founded by 11 Centerville High School seniors. A musical group that performed folk songs.
Picture & soundfiles credit : The Ten Of Us

"The Ten Of Us"
Pictured In Front Of Sandy's In Kettering

"Ten-Of-Us" reunited, July 2003
From Left to right and on the top: Denny Dutcher, Jim Dunn, Bill Curtis,
Terry Butler, & Ken Reed. Front row left: Joyce Marberger, Ginny Pulos,
& Janet Scott. Not pictured: Patsy Bair & Jennifer Griffiths.
(Sally Mowry, original member, died in 2001)

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