Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bobby Everhart on Monumental

Bobby Everhart

14027 ~ Boney Maronie
Larry Williams, Venice BMI

14028 ~ Hello Memory
Clint Lewis, Joey Welz, J. Hutchins, P. Reynolds ; Ursula Music BMI

Monumental 515
Films and Recordings, Inc.
2203 Maryland Ave., Baltimore, Maryland

Produced by John A’hern and Will Taylor

Arr. and cond. By Joey Welz


John D. A'Hern, was the president & general manager of Monumental Films And Recordings, Inc., a movie and recording company organized in 1950.

Joey Welz (Joseph Wallace Welzant) born 1940 in Baltimore, Md. From 1962 until he rejoined Bill Haley and the Comets in 1965, Joey Welz worked as the A&R manager for Wedge, Dome, and Monumental Records in Baltimore. He formed his own label in 1963 : Bat Records.

Some of his own recordings have been re-issued in 1990 by Hydra Records, a German label. (Rockabilly Years, Hydra 7713).



  1. Bat (MD) 45 - 103/4 Little Girl / Don't Ever Feel Blue BBobby Ererhart Guitar : Bud Davis is a odd Rocker pressed by rite CP - 6905 / 6906 Bat also had issues bu Joey Weiz

  2. I have a copy of the bat disc if you need a.scan