Friday, August 10, 2012

Gary Hamilton And The Northernaires on Capitol Star Artist

Gary Hamilton And The Northernaires

18339 – Forever Is A Long Time
Gary Hamilton, Red-Pol Music Co., BMI

18340 – Country Music Rock
Frank Ellis, Red-Pol Music Co., BMI

Capitol Star Artist
67 Chesnut Street, Rochester, N.Y.

Produced by Fine Studios, Rochester, N.Y.


Label owned by Donald L Redanz (1927 - 1999)

The Northernaires is a band still active today, and is now led by Dick Jopson of Hemlock on vocals and rhythm guitar. Dick started his professional music career in 1957 with the Rhythm Riders before joining Gary Hamilton & the Northernaires as second vocalist. Gary’s departure to Florida in 1971 saw Dick taking charge of the band, which in coming years would open for Sonny James, Stonewall Jackson, Tommy Cash and the Hager Brothers, and serve as the house band at the Dansville Moose Club.


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  1. The Cavemen "Bo Diddley" on Capitol Star Artist 18285 is good Garage R'N'R cover version from 1967. Also look out for The Earthtones "Goin' Down To Virginia" Capitol Star Artist 16591/92 Nice country Rockabilly from 1966