Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Sunlighters on Golden Shield

The Sunlighters

Who Do I Know In Heaven

Golden Shield Records


Side 1 - [28457]

I’m Walking A New Road
The Next Step
Who Do I Know In Heaven
Hide Me, Rock Of Ages
He Restoreth My Soul
No Lock On My Mansion Door

Side 2 - [28548]

I Know
God Walks The Dark Hills
You’re Home To Stay
City Of Gold
Build My Mansion
Going Home

From the back cover :
Hours of prayer and pratice have gone into the production of this album. I know that it is their desire to reach their fellow man with the message of the Gospel in song. The personnel are, Billie Hendricks (piano), Paul Wood (lead), Bill Moore (tenor), Hilda Shawver (alto), and Charles Fletcher (bass).

The Sunlighters have sung several times at our church, the Bethel Baptist of Roseville, Michigan ; and did so without flaw. Their dedication to Christ and their love for Gospel music has brought about this wonderful album.

As a pastor I can recommend this group for revivals, homecoming, and for any special gospel singing that you may have in your church. Use them, they are worthy.

B.J. Ferguson

Source : Mark Betcher

Note : The Golden Shield label was a subsidiary of Rite Records

Bethel Baptist Church, Roseville, Michigan


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