Monday, August 15, 2011

Bob Ripberger, lounge pianist

Bob Ripberger Trio

9035 - I'm So Much In Love With You
9036 - Noriko

La Normandie Records
(Cincinnati, Ohio)


Bar lounge pianist.

The label is named after a Cincinnati restaurant/lounge located in the DuBois (then called The Fountain Square) Building between the Keith and Albee theatres. Downstairs was a restaurant ; upstairs a bar lounge.

Composer Pianist
Bob Ripberger
Playing 16 of His Original Soungs

BoMar LP


One of the track of this album can be heard HERE, at the Mark Betcher's Motel Lounge blog.

Cincinnati Enquirer columnist, Paul Ritter wrote the jacket notes. Excerpt :

With Ripberger’s stylized piano in the foreground, the simple servitude of bass and bongos form a background complement that unimposingly magnifies the performance. On bongos, Bob Wisely chose a fellow cocktail pianist, Ron Stewart, who for nearly two years, worked side-by-side with Ripberger in a Cincinnati night spot. Stewart knows the music and the composer, enabling him to add perfect complement to the musical execution. Another talented musician, Bud Ruskin, plays bass behind the maestro. Ruskin’s firm, but tender touch on the bass strings completes a captivating combination.
Perhaps the most exciting part of this album is the music itself, says Paul Ritter.

Perhaps. But except the music, it is not clear what part of this record album can be exciting. Oh yes! the cover art perhaps? Or even the jacket notes...

Bob Ripberger plays piano at Ridgeview Nursing Home


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