Monday, August 8, 2011

The Rhythm Rockers/Tex Craddock on Plaid

The Rhythm Rockers
Tex Craddock

24499 - Carolina Beach
(Albert Thompson, Harry Neal, Harold Nall)

24500 - Let The Big Cat Jump
(Billy Edd Wheeler)

Plaid Records

Produced by Harold Nall 620 Atwater St. Burlington, N.C.
Recorded by John Lookabill, Greensboro, N.C


Carolina Beach, Carolina Beach
Sure did ruin my life
Lost my home, lost my car
Lost my sweet, sweet wife

Said I was goin’ fishin’
Well, that’s what I said
But I didn’t go fishin’
Went to the beach instead

Never seen so many pretty girls
Lyin’ there in the sand
Fought temptation for a while
And then I took off my wedding band


Walked in to the penny arcade
Met a little girl named Polly
Looked at the bracelet on her leg
And I said “Hey, this girl must be from Raleigh”

Polly said come on sweetheart
Let’s go and have a beer
I said lover I’m with you,
I sure could use some cheer


Polly said let’s play the jukebox
Then you can dance with me
Man, we was really tearin’ it up
Listenin’ to a song by Jerry Lee

Looked over in to the doorway
What do you think I saw?
My two kids, my sweet, sweet wife
And my dear old mother-in-law



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