Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ray Fournier & his Rockin' Rebels on River

Ray Fournier & his Rockin' Rebels

River 2011

CP-3433 - Cherry Pie
(Joe Josea, Modern Music, ASCAP)

CP-3434 – A Broken Heart
(Ray Fournier, Singing River Publ.))

A Marion Carpenter production

Ray Fournier & the Rockin' Rebels had at least another record on Diamond Disk (as Ray Fournia with the Rocking Rebels). These sides can be heard HERE or HERE.


  1. Other members of the band included Ray's brother Dodie on drums, 16 year old Pat Thornton on guitar, former mayor of Biloxi Gerald Blessey on bass. Can't remember sax players name but all were from Biloxi, MS

  2. Man what a great record! he may have been from Biloxi but he sure sounds like he's from Lafayette, Lake Charles or Ville Platte, LA.

    1. Hey Terry! Did I buy this one from you at the last Stomp or was it from Keith? Best, Dick Blackburn

  3. Could you kindly give me a link for these 2 songs. This stuff is as rare as hens teeth. I am friends with the drummer, Doty Fournier, and he doesn't have a copy. So please can you repost?

  4. popsi11911

    I don't have a link for the River sides. But I do have a mp3 for the Diamond Disk sides. Do you want these ?