Saturday, May 8, 2010

Buddy White & the Knights on Murco

Buddy White & the Knights

Murco 1017

CP-3205 -Teenage Ball

CP-3206 -Betty Jean

Buddy White and Bill Mack formed the Knights in 1959 in Shreveport, Louisiana after they left Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps. Gerry McGee was recruited as the third member. Buddy White and The Knights stayed together about four months playing a mid-west circuit. They were booked by T. B. Skarning and Joe Billo Entertainment Corp., the same agency that booked Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps.

Texan drummer Buddy White (a.k.a. Butch White) had previously recorded as member of The Shadows (James Burton, James Kirkland, and Butch White). Among the artists he backed on drums, in studio or live, were Bob Luman (56-57), Ricky Nelson, Hank Thompson (58), Gene Vincent (58) and Paul Peek (60-62).

He had also a recording career -which remains poorly documented- on his own as a singer. There were singles on Pop (Hollywood, 59), Milestone (61), Big Beat, The Wheeler Dealers, San (Texas, 65) and Inca.

Murco Records’s roots were in the Bayou Records store, a retail outlet purchased by local businessman Dee Marais from Shelby Singleton in 1960. In addition to selling records, Marais occasionally recorded local musicians in the back of his store. Murco was founded in partnership with Dick Martin who worked locally for the U.S. Postal Service.



  1. Hi!
    Do you know where to get the whole version of Teenage Ball? Or the single itself. I'd need it for playing it with my band.

  2. "Teenage Ball" is available on CD on, at least, two compilations.


  3. Thanks, man! I bought "Can't live without rockin'" where the song is included. I'm almost happy now ;)
    One dilemma there is: some sources claim the a-side was "Sweet Clementine", the other sources say it's "Teen age ball". They have the same Murco 1017 label nr. "Clementine" has both Murco owners as song writers and can be found in BMI. "Ball" has Martin-Brooks as writers and ASCAP as the publ. company. Can you tell who are Martin & Brooks and is the song made for Buddy White? Can you send a pic of the cover or something? Thanks in advance!
    Reg. Esa