Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Kool Toppers on Beverly

The Kool Toppers
picture sleeve of the re-issue of Beverly 702

The Kool Toppers

Beverly 702

Cp-1535 ~ Is That Exactly What You Wanna Do?
Cp-1536 ~ Cause I Love You So

Black vocal group from La Grange, North Carolina. Later, as the Gleems, they sang at all the local functions and made their way north to the New Jersey/New York area, and were discovered harmonizing in a Newark, NJ, night spot by Abner Spector. Recorded for Smash Records and Tuff Records as the Corsairs.

This record is not listed in this Starday Custom Pressings, discography maintened by Malcom Chapman.

The so-called Starday Custom Pressings were actually not pressed at all by Starday Records, but by various pressing plants. Starday Custom Series would be a more appropriate designation, in my opinion.


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  1. I've been a big doo wop & vocal group fan for over 30 years, buying or downloading anything I come across. I have never seen or heard this one - what a gem. Thank you.
    Mick from Australia