Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Shadow Lake 8 on Em-Kay

the Shadow Lake 8

Label : Em-Kay

12877 - South Parkway
12878 – Power

Source of information (and label shot) is Garage Hangover (Chas Kit submission on February 26, 2010) :
Just discovered this great 45 by the Shadow Lake 8 on Em-Kay, Both sides are rocking blues instrumentals with brief spoken bits. Both songs by M. Kent Washburn. Interestingly, someone attempted to cover the word 'Orchestra' on each side.
This is a Rite Pressing #12877/12878 which dates it to 1964 and Rite account #218, which was from Tulsa. Seems to be a rare 45, as it doesn't show up on the Rite pressing database at
Both sides can be heard at the Garage Hangover site, click on the link above.

Also from Tulsa and from the same Rite account are these two records:

The Oxfords

Soul 0001

17059 - I Ain't Done Wrong (wr. Keith Relf)
Cover of the Yardbirds song
Hear it)

17060 - Cheatin' Little Girl (Dan Haggard)

The Family Dog


23489 - If I Told You
(Tiny Davis)

23490 - Rocky's Lonesome


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