Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Hard Times on Lorna

The Hard Times

Label : Lorna

23553 - Just Look
23554 - Miss Mini Lou

The shy 'Miss Mini Lou" owes its appearance (label shot & audio file) here thanks to Cees Klop, compiler in 2006 of the Volume 5 of his "Slow Boogie Rockin'" series on his Collector label [ CLCD 4493].

Rite number indicates a 1969 release. The name of the composer (D. Smith) don't help much. They are 814 D. Smiths in the BMI database and, too bad, no "Miss Mini Lou" can't be seen there, even remotely.

They were at least three other recorded groups bearing the same name around the same time, earlier actually, but I think unlikely that they were related :
  • On World Pacific, 66-67, from San Diego, California
  • On Ultimate, 1966, from Birmingham, Alabama
  • and on Gray Ant, 1966


  1. The flipside of this 45 is titled "Just Look"

    for flip