Thursday, October 23, 2008

Randy Roe and the Renegades

Randy Roe and the Renegades "Bottom of the River" Rite MW-219 Stereo
Side One:1. Bottom of the River 2. When the World Came Tumbling Down 3. Together Again 4. I'm Heading South for the Winter 5. Lefty's Leftover6. Dreams
Side Two: 1. I'll Just Have Another Cup of Coffee 2. You're My Hoss 3. The Bottle and Me 4. Renegade5. Lost and Lonely 6. I'm Your Man

Unknown Rite numbers.


Randy Roe's Jackson-Hewitt performance of "Heartbreak Hotel" outside of Brewster's Ice Cream.

Randy says : "The wind was vicious that day so please forgive me if you hear it in the audio!) "
You may want to visit his web site.


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