Monday, October 20, 2008

Lorne Croswell

8871 - Pen Pal Girl
8872 - Stranded
Stardust records 45 rpm (Sarina, Ontario)

Rite account # 943

Not much info on this one. I have only a very poor picture of the label, which is red.

Has been comped on the "Rock Till You Drop" CD.

Pen-Pal Girl

Much a teen record rather than a rocker, as described by the e-bay seller. Very obscure anyway.


  1. Lorne Croswell (Laurence Croswell) recorded Pen Pal Girl in 1962 with the Nomads, a popular Edmonton, Alberta band in the recording studios of Radio CJCA, Edmonton. Pen Pal Girl won the Battle of The New Sounds for a week in the fall of 1962 on the popular teen show hosted by DJ Lorne Thompson. The song went on to be included on the Top 20 on the CJCA hit parade during the fall of 1962.

  2. Lorne Croswell was a recording name for Laurence Croswell who grew up in Newbrook, Alberta and went on to record some songs with the Nomads of Edmonton,Alberta. Pen Pal Girl was on the hit parade on CJCA's Top 20 in the fall of 1962

  3. Pen Pal Girl is on the compilation Classics CD 717 track 14.

  4. Pen Pal Girl played on CBC, Definitely Not The Opera, (DNTO), Feb. 12, 2011

  5. Hi

    I have the record. I can scan the label for you. I couldn't find an e-mail address to send it to.

    Marc (Canada)

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  8. Pen Pal Girl, recording and pictures, can be found on Canadian Rock Archives, by Super Oldies.

  9. "Pen Pal Girl" by Lorne Croswell is available on legal reissue CD here:

    Scroll down to Canada Rock Archive Vol. 1
    Very few copies left!