Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jim Hall and His Radio Pals on Cheswold

Jim Hall, born in Houston in 1940, was a guitarist, singer and songwriter, who recorded for a lot of song-poem records labels. Making his debut in 1958 on the Texas-based Cowtown label (EP 703). his name appears on the Tru-Love, Boney, Process, Dynamite and Deadwood labels. And also on Bonnie, as a producer of a Goldie Winn 45. They are probably many more records out there...

This one is on Cheswold, out of Cheswold, Delaware, home of Harvey Blaine the songwriter, I assume.

7339 - As I'm Riding Home (wr Harvey Blaine, Austin & Hope, BMI)
7340 - Do You Know The Blessed Savior?


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