Monday, October 16, 2017

Mike Tate (Bill Lamb Productions)

Mike Tate
TNT & Friends

37277 - B-U-I-C-K
37278 - Cadillac Cowboy

Recorded at Bill Lamb Productions
Flint, Michigan

Mike Tate was a Fisher Body #1 employee who had a country western band that played weekends at the Old Silver Rail Saloon in Flint.  He was also heard on the early morning Buick Factory Whistle Radio Show. Song tells about his job building Buicks.  Mike died in 1976.
Bill Lamb who hosted the "Buick Factory Whistle" radio show on Country WKM/FLINT, MI, which dubbed itself "the Country music capital of the north," for 26 years, and owned the BILL LAMB RECORDS store on Harrison Street in downtown Flint, passed away in 2015.

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