Monday, October 2, 2017

Lois Kaye on Log Cabin

Lois Kaye

16787 - Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello
16788 - He's The Only Boy

Log Cabin 911
 Bom Lois Kaye Edmiston in 1950 in Knox, Indiana; raised in Beecher.  Lois sang in the choir at Beecher high school.  “Mom and I sang with the radio when I was five years old,”  “My parents took me to a country lounge in Chicago Heights Lake-N-Park Inn with the Windy City band and convinced the band leader I should sing with them.

The place was Joe’s lounge on East End avenue and the band leader was Bill Madewell. She sang every Friday and Saturday and earned $25 a night, learning.  Jimmy Skinner, one of the many special guest artists, helped her to cut her first record on the Log Cabin label, a subsidiary of Jewel Records,  when she was 16. 

Other records followed, on Jewel Records (main Rusty York's label), on Wesco Records (a label owned by ex-rockabilly singer Bobby Sisco) and on Ovation Records with which she charted one time on the Billboard Country chart, and this is it, reaching #96 in 1979.

Cover of her Ovation album (1979)

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