Monday, November 11, 2013

The Dissonaires / Mike Lawing and the Dissonaires

 The Dissonaires

CP-1916 —  Blitzkrieg
 Altair AK 101

Mike Lawing 
and the Dissonaires

CP-1917 —  One Love
Altair BK 101
Billboard review (Good Sales Potential) : June 29, 1959


It is believed that the band members were students at the Duke University. Durham, North Carolina. It is also believed that Karras is Harry G. Karras who later produced some Beach Music bands such as Bob Meyer and the Rivieras and The Swinging Medallions, with some help from Mike Lawing who wrote several songs with Karras.

Quite intriguing is the Karras' early sixties involvement in two West Coast labels owned by two brothers, Ben & Len Weisman : namely Talent Records and Skylark Records, apart for the two following releases :

In July 1960, both titles of the Altair single were re-issued on Talent #107 with different credits :
"Blitzkrieg", the instrumental side issued as by the Eden Rockers and "One Love", the vocal side  credited to Mike Lawing and The Blends / Music By The Eden Rockers.  Name of Ben E. Weisman is added to the songwriting credits and Bilya Bah Music, his publishing company, is added as well (the originals on Altair had no publisher).

In February 1961, "Blitzkrieg" is issued again (on Skylark #111). This time, the band is called The Penetrators.  On the flip : Mike Lawing and the Famous Keys "Chimpanzee Rocket Ride"  (H.Karras-L.Keith).     

Mike Lawing (no backing band credited) had a last single produced by Len Weisman in Summer of 1961 : "In L.A". / "Chimpanzee Ride" on Hawk Records.

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