Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jim (Ruffuss) Belden / Bro. Ruffus π Pik'n & Cuzz'n √ Cleetuss

 Jim (Ruffuss) Belden
A Long Way To Go (Barnett)
 Prod. by E.J. Mohrman

Bro. Ruffus π Pik'n & Cuzz'n √ Cleetuss
Willie Go Round
Prod. by Pur Luck
on both sides :

A&R Al Viles (Cleetuss)
J.Belden A. Viles FLUNKYS 
Design Larry Daylight

Record Lable


Currently offered on ebay (link to auction). where "Willie Go Round" can be heard, which is in truth the Billy Preston song titled “Will It Go Round In Circles” (A&M Records, 1972).  

All info that I am able to collect indicates a Tulsa, Oklahoma production :

Al Viles (or Cousin Cletus)
Musician Alvia Viles, 34, of Tulsa, Okla., saved a couple from a burning truck in May 1982. He was honored in 1983 for heroism by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission. The hero fund, founded by industrialist Andrew Carnegie after he witnessed a 1904 mine disaster that killed 178 men and boys, awarded medals and $2,500 each to 22 heroes and the families of four people who died in rescue attempt. [From a 1983 newspaper article]
Jim "Rufus" Belden

 is probably Jimmie Doyle Belden (1947-2009) who worked as a DJ in Tulsa (KOTV) and announcer/audioman/rasslin' MC.   He was also, quite probably, Jimmie Belden who recorded two songs penned by Emma Jo Mohrman, first issued on Empire Records in 1960 and also on Pla-Me Records in 1966. : " Darling Ann"  b/w "My Lovely Star ". That would make sense since the producer of the first side, "A Long Way To Go "  is  one E.J. Mohrman,  ( Emma Jo?). 
Mike Bruchas (Tulsa TV Memories website,) wrote some amusing lines about Belden :
Wrestling at KOTV was out of production when I went there in '76 but Buddy Allison said the wrestlers used to use the front bathrooms to change in and because there are no showers at KOTV, did splash baths from the sinks! Jimmy Belden - audioman and sometime announcer used to work as commentator talent on these, too. I remember seeing him in a formal light blue double knit suit - he said it was what he wore when co-anchoring wrasslin' coverage. Formal double knit!

Jimmy's claim to fame or infamy was to blow up his house one Winter while at 6. We ran all these stories on 6 about NOT crawling under your house to check for frozen pipes with a lighter or oven source of flame. Jimmy did - hit a gas pocket and blew up his house! Somehow he survived. Jimmy also played in some REAL honky tonk bands. He pestered me to shoot some band pictures while in performance - so 1 Saturday night I went to a VERY redneck club on 11th by Sheridan and started popping off pix with my flash as the band played. I was asked/no threatened to leave by folks in the audience afraid of them being captured on film WITHOUT their spouses AND by Jimmy's band. Gulp.

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