Friday, October 18, 2013

Nervous Norvus on Neale

Nervous Norvus

(A.W. Crawford, Neale Music Ascap)

12954 - Wa-Hoo 
(A.W. Crawford, Neale Music Ascap)

Neale 45C-726-101/102

[ P.O. Box 3294, San Bernardino, Calif. ]

Unlisted Nervous Norvus song-poem record recently offered on ebay by donnchriss ("morbid novelties", winning bid $82,99)

As Jimmy Drake, Nervous Norvus has already sung the poetry of the same A.W. Crawford on Rally Records issued the previous year and also pressed by Rite Records. See Jimmy Drake on Rally

On Singing Jimmy Drake (Nervous Norvus) see :


Owner of Neale Records was Roy Neal Wrightman.  Born in 1889, Neal (or Neale) Wrightman has been involved with music since the early twenties.  He was a musician, a songwriter, a music publisher and record labels owner.  Before his (final?) establishment in San Bernardino, Calif., Neale Wrightman has used various addresses in Charles City, Iowa, in Chicago, in New-York, in Hollywood and San Francisco.

Labels he owned includes Wrightman ("Songs That Satisfy") and its subsidiary Robinet (1947-1952) and Wrimus ("A New Enjoyment in Recorded Music with the Ultimate in Sound", 1956-1961).  The last trace of the activity of Neale Music is a 1968 copyright for "Stand Up America", with mention of a Statue of Liberty sticker (?).  I have no idea of what is that (sheet music perhaps?)

Neale discography 

Wrightman Records

The Hillbilly Researcher has posted a Wrightman Records discography HERE, and several audio files and labels shots as well.

Wrightman, Music Publisher
51 E. 42d Street, New York

Neale Wrightman Publishers
N.Y.C. Office 245 W. 34th St.

30 W. Washington Chicago
San Francisco
51 Sycamore St.

Neale Wrightman Publishers
30 W. Washington, Chicago


  1. Great find! The life of Nervous Norvus makes for fascinating research. As I recall, he was very creative, yet a highly reclusive performer, also.

    Roy Neale Wrightman is unknown to me, so appreciate you posting on him. I believe I've heard of his Robinet label, with no idea who recorded on the label. Think Robinet did have some success.

    I can't vouch for what my brain is telling me, but I believe "Stand Up America" was a song released in 1968, when the anti-war movement (Vietnam) was going strong. I believe it asked the "silent majority" or patriots to stand and voice their support for the USA. Can't say whether I heard someone do the song or might have read about the song in a newspaper. Fascinating, I too, wonder if it truly was a song release or a published poem or essay. Wish I could be more definite. Perhaps others, with better memories than mine, will swoop in to correct me.

    Thanks again for a great post!

    1. The song is "Stand Up For America" and was recorded by Autry Inman

  2. is it me or are both mp3 the same?

    1. Right. Both sides in one file. I'm getting old... Repair is on the way.