Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bill Parker on Showboat

Bill Parker
And Showboat Band

CP-4097 ~ Showboat (Bill Parker)
CP-4098 ~ Hard Times  No 2 (Paul Mitchell)

Showboat Records 501

Willie Parker Guidry, Jr. (Legendary Bill Parker) was born in 1927 in Lake Charles, Louisiana.   He began in the music industry as a trumpet player but the "lip swelling" quickly directed him to another instrument.   He chose the playing of drums which proved to be to his liking.   

Bill Parker had a string of gimmicky releases with his Showboat Band. A Veteran of the Lake Charles scene, Parker worked with James Freeman and Clarence Garlow before oganizing his own popular band featuring vocalists Jesse "Blues" Palmer, Little Miss Peggy and Claude Shermack; guitarist Chester Randle later made soul records for Eddie Shuler's Anla label. 

Bill Parker himself eventually moved to  Oklahoma City  where he operated the Showboat label.

He later moved to the West Coast and formed his new band called"The Concrete Band," touring with Bobby Blue Bland and many others. He formed Optune Records and discovered Carol Shinnette.
He died March 11, 2003 in Lake Charles, Louisiana.


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