Monday, April 16, 2012

Smokey Norman on Smokey's

Smokey Norman / Blue Ridge Buddies

11455 - Intoxicated Rat (Dixon)
11456 - Why Did I Cross Over? (Norman DeHart)

Smokey’s Records
1201 Cloverdale Street
High Point, N.C.


"Intoxicated Rat" is a cover of a song first recorded the Dixon Brothers :

According to Gus Meade's book Country Music Sources, Dorsey Dixon, one of country music's finest early songwriters, is the originator and composer, c. 1935. The song was recorded with his brother Howard as the Dixon Brothers in Charlotte, NC, February 12, 1936, and released in June 1936 on Bluebird and Montgomery Ward: BB B6327, MW M4823.

The Dixon Brothers version is on youTube

Label pic from current eBay auction (auction has a sample of both sides)
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  1. Smokey Norman also had Duel (TN) 45 - 3006 "Party Line" a Hick Hillbilly Stroller

  2. I have a copy of a Smoky Norman record on Laurel records recorded in Bryson City NC, it has the songs Partyline and Everybody Wants To be A Star. you can find it here