Friday, April 13, 2012

Bobby Vernon (Air 5019)

Bobby Vernon with Orchestra

CP-3977 – Hey, Little Baby!
(Alwin Krugler, Active BMI)

CP-3978 - Please Don't Tell
( )

Air Records 5019

Produced by Rite Records
("produced by" here meaning probably "pressed by")


Label picture and audio samples : eBay

Air Records was located at 3170 SW 8th St., Miami Florida, address of the Silver Court Trailer Park which was once the winter camp for the Ringling Brothers Circus.

Producer and songwriter Jack A. Curry, owner of Air Records, had also other interests outside the "music" world, showing a big concern for the well-being of other people :

In 1953, he wrote "Vitamins cured my bothersome ailments; or, Allergy, no such".

In the mid-sixties he copyrighted two revolutionary inventions :

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