Sunday, March 11, 2012

Johnny Seals and the Rebelaires on Rebel

Johnny Seals and the Rebelaires

CP-6431 ~ You're The One
(A. Smith, Comodore BMI)

CP-6432 ~ My Babe
(W. Dixon, ARC BMI)

Rebel Records R 107/R 108
Memphis, Tenn.


"You're The One" was first recorded by The Spiders (Imperial Records, 1954). The song was penned by guitarist, singer and songwriter Adolph Smith. Born in New Orleans in 1926; Smith worked with 50's vocal group The Monitors, and penned many tunes for The Spiders.

"My Babe" is the song written by Willie Dixon for Little Walter (Checker Records, 1955)

Both songs were compiled on the Rebel/Rebel Ace Records Story released by Stomper Time in 2002.

The booklet tells the story of labels owner (and singer) Shelby Smith. But there is no information at all about Johnny Seals or about the Rebelaires. No information found neither on the internet.

I am willing to believe that the Johnny Seals record is indeed on the same Rebel label that the one owned by Shelby Smith.

Doubt is allowed since on the same compilation we found Parker Cunningham's "Dry Run" from another Rebel label, out of South Pittsburg, owned by Bill Cooley, and a track by the Four Jacks probably from the Rebel label located in Little Rock, Arkansas and not related, .


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  1. According to RCS, Shelby Smith's label was based in Batesville, Arkansas, while this record here is not related to the Batesville label.