Thursday, March 15, 2012

Freddy J. and the Flames on Sahara

Freddy J. and the Flames

9481 – Cimarron (S-FH-1)
9482 – Groovin’ on Telstar (S-FH-2)

Sahara Records 501

Produced by Buck Lipe
Distributed by Marlo Records
Belleville, Illinois


"Cimarron" was penned by Johnny Bond in 1938. Johnny Bond, then member of the Bell Boys on WKY in Oklahoma City contributed the theme song to the group when he wrote "Cimarron" after noticing there was no song titled "Cimarron" although that had been the name of a popular western movie as well as a river in Oklahoma. That song has been recorded (vocal and instrumental) by scores of artists over the years (including several versions by Johnny Bond himself).


left to right: Cliff Crofford, Johnny Bond, Rose Maphis, Billy Mize, and Joe Maphis on guitar


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  1. Man! That was some excellent picking going on in that video. Thanks for posting that. Had no idea they were playing such hot licks in those days.