Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Duster's/Belvaderes on Hudson

The Duster’s

Hudson 4

CP-1048 ~ Don't Leave Me To Cry

CP-1049 ~ I Love You (Baby)


This vocal group comprised Tommy Tucker -tenor, Clarence LeVille or Lavell- bass, James Crosby-tenor, Yonnie Peoples and Dave Johnson-lead.

Hudson 4 was also issued as by The Belvaderes.

Tommy Tucker (born Robert Higginbotham, 5 March 1933 - 22 January 1982) was born in Springfield, Ohio. He is best known for the 1964 hit song, "Hi-Heel Sneakers", that went to number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Hudson 4 - 45 rpm - red vinyl - Belvaderes

Hudson 4 - 78 rm - Duster's

Hudson Records was located in St. Louis, Missouri and owned by Ted Hudson. Information below was found at The Living Legends Foundation website :

Theoplis ‘Ted’ Hudson

"The easiest way to sum up my forty-six years in the music industry is to say, "Time flies when you're having fun." My whole family enjoyed music. We would frequently patronize the only African American music store in St. Louis. In 1950, I realized the popularity of this entertainment medium, and its potential for growth. As a result, I opened my first retail record store, "Hudson's Embassy Records, Inc." The logo was a phonograph record with the credo "First With The Latest" emblazoned on the rim.

The "Embassy" portion of my name came from the concept that American Embassies serve as safe havens for American Citizens overseas. I wanted to give artist a safe and friendly outlet for their music and music lovers a safe and friendly place to listen to and purchase music. By 1982, Hudson's Embassy Records, Inc. expanded to eleven retail record stores. In addition, the concept for "Hudson's Embassy" was franchised six times. In 1965, I opened one of the first African-American owned distribution companies serving approximately 100 independent record labels and artists with distributions along the the Eastern seaboard, Midwest and Southeast.

Ted's One Stop, Inc. opened in 1968 as a wholesale operation servicing local and regional retail record stores. I also opened an advertising/promotional agency, a recording studio for independent record labels and artists and an electronics wholesale business. I am fortunate to have been a founding member of the National Association of Television and Radio Announcers (NATRA) and the Black Music Association (BMA). As for the future, I recently resigned my political office as Committeeman of the 19th Ward of the City of St. Louis. My wife and I plan to sit back and enjoy life's little pleasures. I'll probably always own some type of business, it's just who I am.


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  1. Absolute Killer Doo Wop,I've Got A 78 Rpm Copy Of It,Its One Of Those That Grow On You The More You Listen To It