Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Cooke Duet : God Is Not Dead

The Cooke Duet
(Hubert, Jeanette and son, James)

The Cooke Duet Rte 2, Box 56
Wise, Virginia 24293

God Is Not Dead He's Still Alive


Side One [Rite 25519]

1. God Is Not Dead
2. 2. Across The Bridge
3. Somday I’m Going Hom
4. T’s A Good Good Way
5. Had It Not Been
6. Green Pastures

Side Two [Rite 25520]

1 . While The Ages Roll On
2. Mother’s Last Message
3. I Wanta See Jesus
4. The Lord Found Me
5. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
6. I Will Follow Thee

One of the latest entry in the Manic Mark (Betcher) blog HERE.

"Excellent blue grass gospel with strong country flavored vocals by Jeanette" according to Mark.

For same stock covers used for other Rite pressings, go HERE.


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