Monday, October 11, 2010

McKinley Sandifer - Moose Dawson & Ivy Leaguers

Dawson & Sandifer 135

McKinley Sandifer
14707 ~ Misquito Bite (sic)

Mose Dawson & the Ivy Leaguers
14708 ~ Worwick Boogie


McKinley Sandifer's "Misquito Bite" is an ordinary instrumental. The "good" side is provided by the totally unknown Mose Dawson. The excellent "Worwick Boogie" was never re-issued, as far as I know. Is it the only song recorded by Mose Dawson?

At least two Blues/RnB reference books list this record as a Chicago recording. Other sources list a Grenada, Mississippi address.

Two clues (Rite account number 267 and Sandra, the publisher) point to Memphis, Tennessee and to Fernwood Records owned by Ronald "Slim Wallace".

Chicago is certainly to be ruled out as a possible location.

Fernwood Records produced a lot of custom records pressed by Rite Records such as :

El-Rio, Dora, Sun-Rise, Silver Dollar, Pure Gold, Diana, Vel, FHR, Viber Sound, Vance, Flash ....

Most have a Memphis address or a Tennessee address. But Vance was located in Ripley, Mississippi; Sun-Rise and Flash in Grenada, Mississippi. The publisher of the songs on these custom labels is generally Sandra BMI.


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