Monday, April 5, 2010

Early Upchurch

Early Upchurch

Christian gospel artist Early Upchurch was from Mt. Airy, and lived most his life around Mt. Airy, Piper's Gap, and Galax

Five of his songs can be heard at the (online) Digital Library of Appalachia. He's playing the autoharp and singing Christian gospel songs with Dewey Hill, who is playing bass. This was possibly broadcast on Dewey Hill's radio program on WPAQ (Mt. Airy) or WBOB (Galax).

His LP "Hymns of the Hills" (plus one of his singles) can also be downloaded at the Jeremy's Saggy RecordCabinet blog.

Early Upchurch And The Tide Water Gospel Singers
CP-7117 - ?
CP-7118 - I'll Not Be A Stranger
Label : Gospel

Early Upchurch & The Friendly Quartet
13973 - I Long For Home
13974 - He's Coming Back
Label : ARC 5689

Early Upchurch, & Willis Pell The Friendly Duet
15133 ~ My Daddy Sang A Song
15134 ~ I'm Going To Tag Along
Label : ARC 5038

Early Upchurch & Doris Kidd
18753 - I Cannot Bring Them Back; Where The Shades Of Love Lie Deep-
18754 - I Don't Want To Miss Heaven; I'm So Glad I've Got A Better Place To Go
ARC EP 3538

Early Upchurch & The Border Mountain Boys
Lp "Everybody Will Be Happy Over There"
Label : ARC (Rite 23231)

Early Upchurch & Doris Kidd
I Cannot Bring Them Back


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