Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Cadaver on Kaleidoscope

The Sleeping Giant

LinkHamden is a town in New Haven County, Connecticut, United States. The town's nickname is "The Land of the Sleeping Giant." A prominent landscape feature visible for miles, the Sleeping Giant receives its name from its anthropomorphic resemblance to a slumbering human figure as seen from both the north and south.

Hamden was also the hometown of The Cadaver who had in their Haven't Got The Time "a sweet piece of poppy psych that has that certain "New England" Sound"

The Cadaver
Label : Kaleidoscope 101/2

22447 ~ Haven't Got The Time
22448 ~ If You Got The Time

Rite account #3001

"Haven't Got The Time" reached #58 in the charts of WAVZ, New Haven in October 1968


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