Saturday, November 14, 2009

KOGT radio, PAMS jingle

KOGT Radio

CP-7019 - Orange, My Home Town (PAMS Production)
Vocal: Terry Lee
CP-7020 - Orange, My Home Town (PAMS Production)

"In 1961 the Pams jingle company in Dallas launched it's "My Home Town" series of jingles. The basic premise was a two minute song that sang the praises of a particular city, naming the best sites, attractions and such. They all start with "Let me tell you about my home town....." This one was cut for their client KOGT 1600 am in Orange, Texas. Orange is a small town of about 35,000 just up the water from Port Arthur and Beaumont, near the Louisiana border. Where many of these discs sing about the big things in their cities in this small-town song they're bragging about the waterways, mighty industry, Chemical Row, the shipyards and the community band."


Orange, My Home Town (sample)

Marie Therese Leahy (aka Terry Lee)

While Terry was consistently the main singer on these records, her name credit on the "My Home Town" singles is anything but. Variations on her name have included “Terry Lea," "Terry Lee,” “Terry Lea Jenkins," and "Terry Lee Jenkins.". Read more about Terry Lee HERE

More about the PAMS singles HERE

CP-7021 – The Master’s Visit
CP-7022 – A Moment spent with God
both sides written by Ed Lovelace

I’ve never known a better promoter than Ed. He rode around the county in a bright orange van with the call letters of KOGT painted on it. He promoted Orange at every turn. When he arrived, he brought the AM station out of the dark ages. (from Roy Dunn's article, read HERE)

Ed Lovelace died last month (October, 2009).

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