Sunday, November 15, 2009

Denny Jorden with the Fortuneaires

14263 – You Don’t Know
(Walter Spriggs, Roosevelt Music BMI)

14264 –You’ll Be Lonely
(Dennis J. Bejester, Jorden BMI)

Denny Jorden with the Fortuneaires
Boss 2001/2
Detroit, Michigan
Year : 1965


Dennis Jorden Bejester, at a time guitarist of Detroit local band The Jesters, had at least two other records pressed by Rite Records. He died in 2003.

Northwest Sound Company NSC-1007/8 -- '63
(as by Dennis Jorden)
11447 ~ Since I Met You Baby
11448 ~ Any Message

Blanden 2003/4 -- '66
(as by Denny Jorden and the Berkeleys)
18195- Here I Come (Through The Door)
18196- Do You Want To Dance

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  1. You have did a great job cataloging and researching the great Rite recordings! Thanks for your hard work and efforts!